Why Exhibit

Time:2018-03-10 17:13       Author:AAITF


Meet with 4,500 overseas buyers sourcing the latest outputs of the automotive aftermarket    

Over 50,000 car owners    

180,000 high quality buyers    

100,000sqm of show space    

First-class show features such as conferences, workshops, competitions, seminars and   awards attracting premium buyers    

96% exhibitor satisfaction rate    

A $32billion turnover


By 2017, the average car age will increase from 3 years to 4.5 years, which is the age when aftermarket parts spending is predicted to peak.   

Within 5 years, the car parc (total number of vehicles) will exceed 200million.   

The aftermarket grows as it matures at a rate of 15% each year- the predicted   growth rate for the parts and service business is 19% per year, suggesting a strong business opportunity for parts and suppliers exhibiting in China. 

In 2012, the aftermarket was worth $33.9billion, in 2015 is has been predicted to double and generate sales of over $60 billion.



To minimise purchasing time, the AAITF committee runs a dedicated service   whereby buyers are assisted in making appointments with recommended suppliers in the matching area.