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Time:2013-08-08 14:08       Author:AAITF

The product homogeneity of auto aftermarket is very serious in the domestic market, manufacturers are eager to gain a foothold in the market by developing product packages, product functions and even using new marketing promotions to differentiate themselves from others. Consequently, they are still cannot get rid of the homogeneity. Seeking for new market is the main method that enterprises could seize more market share, whichis helping enterprises go internationalization. Auto aftermarket industry towards the world is the inevitable trend. Indonesia, with the huge demand, is the first choice for enterprises to go global.

The Largest Economy of Southeast Asia, theMost Promising Market

Indonesia, one of the members of G-20, isthe largest economy in Southeast Asia. The population of Indonesia is over 240million, 56.5% of the people are middle-class, their demand for cars have greatly guaranteed the expanding auto sales and made it the 3rd largest automarket in Southeast Asia. With the fast growing automotive industry under the steady political and economic environment, there is a great opportunity for Chinese enterprises to explore Indonesia auto aftermarket.

By the end of May 2012, the Indonesia’s car sales volume has increased enormously up to 10.97 million units. Due to growing demand and price competition, auto aftermarket industry in Indonesia still needs a platform for local & international industry players.

Zero-tariff Treatment among the 6 OldMembers of ASEAN

China’s free trade area with ASEAN was started in 2010, according to the Agreement, 90% of the Chinese commodities (including automotive components, freight automobiles  communication settings, electronic product, etc.) are under the Zero-tariff Treatment.

Product Requirements Analysis of IndonesiaAuto Aftermarket Industry

AAITF China organizer and AAITF Indonesian partner had made an in-depth visit to local auto aftermarket bases. According to the local industry insiders that auto electronics product, car care & beauty products, auto lighting, car audio & visual products, modification and auto exterior decoration products are very popular in the Indonesia market. Products that made in China are getting more and more popular in Indonesia auto aftermarket (According to the China Custom Statistics, there are 29.26 billions USD export to Indonesia in 2011).

AAITF Jakarta - Explore Indonesia to SeizeBusiness Opportunities

When Indonesia market begins to show signs of prosperity, all we can do is to explore Indonesia to seize business opportunities and become the industry leader.

By cooperating with Indonesia’s No.1 exhibition group – Dyandra Promosinda, the 1st AAITF-Jakarta will take place on 21-23 May 2014 with 400 Chinese Automotive Aftermarket exhibitors and 10,000 international buyers. AAITF-Jakarta 2014 is designed to build the best platform for auto aftermarket industry in Indonesia, a platform which is not only for sharing business between local and international companies but also for sharing knowledge and expertise through AAITF concurrent seminars and workshops.